September 27 - Team of the Week


 2013 FC Black and Red Teams pictured above with Red Coach Tito Alcantara.

Team: FC Black 2013

Coach: Elvin Arbiaza

Results of past weekend: 3-2 Win

Highlights of the weekend: Chris Melgar scored 2 goals after (team) being down twice, held the ball great up top as the 9 while being strong and showing great skill with the ball at this feet.

Personal Quote: “The boys fought hard against adversity throughout the whole game and never put their heads down; mistakes were accounted for but that didn’t affect the mentality or intensity the boys played with throughout the whole game”

Playmakers: Chris Melgar, Logan Hardy

Top Scorer: Chris Melgar x2. Logan Hardy x1

Hardest Working Player: Oden Rodriguez

Most Improved player: Dylan Levia

Areas of improvement: Better decision making in our first third of the field. No passing in the middle, don’t dribble in the back, etc.


Anna Greenwell

Anna Greenwell