September 20 - Team of the Week


Herndon 2007 Girls U15 Alianza Red

Abdi Yusuf

Team: 2007 Girls U15 Alianza Red

Results of past weekend: CCL Adidas Fall Festival, 3-0 and 5-2 Wins and 1-1 Tie 

Highlights of the weekend: First showcase where the girls played 40 minute-halves in 90+ degree weather and showed amazing fitness levels compared to their opponents. Great team camaraderie and the girls really enjoyed each other's company.

Personal Quote about team/weekend: 

"The girls are applying the philosophy better every week! I'm proud of their ability to execute the game plan and be tactically sound!"

Playmakers(s): Sage, Angel, Marianela 

Top Scorer(s): Gabriella, Marianela, Sage 

Hardest Working Player(s): Ashley, Gwen, Angel 

Most Improved PlayerAngel 

Areas to Improve: Defensive/offensive headers