September 20 - Player of the Week

Carlos Flores

Team: 2011 United Red
Coach: Elvin Arbaiza
Position: Center Mid
League: CCL Regional

How many years have you been playing soccer?: I started when I was 4 years old in a mini school that my dad had in Honduras.

What were your first soccer experiences?: I liked playing the center mid position, playing with my classmates, and that playing soccer made me so happy. 

Who is your favorite team?:  Real Madrid

Who is your favorite player?:  Cristiano Ronaldo

What are your long term soccer goals?: To train very hard, to be humble, responsible and to be able someday to get to play for DC or in Europe if god allows it. 

Do you have siblings that play soccer soccer?: Only child.

What is your favorite part of the game?: Scoring goals and help my teammates on and off the court.

Most memorable moment in soccer?:  Winning championships with my teams since coming from Honduras. 

What school do you go to?:  Hutchison

Favorite subject in school?: Math 

Favorite restaurant?: Pizza Hut 

Favorite place to visit?: My family. 

Do you play other sports?:  Just soccer.