October 25 - Team of the Week


Team: 2011 U11 FC Girls 

Coach: Nina Duron with Jarvin Ballencio coaching this weekend

Results of past weekend: 2-0 win vs NVSC

Highlights of the weekend: The girls' hard work all season paid off this weekend! Girls played their hearts out! It shows On and Off the field! Great team, WIN!

Personal quote about team/weekend: "The girls fought hard with high intensity the entire game against NVSC. After being scoreless in the first half, the girls found the back of the net early in the second half!"

Playmaker(s):  Isabella Davis, Anna Greenwell

Top Scorer(s): Isabella Davis

Hardest working player(s): Alexandria and Natalia

Most improved player(s): Sanvi

Areas to improveBuilding out when opposition high presses.

Player of the Week