November 22 - Player of the Week


Team: 2009 Atletico Black
Coach: Martin Sanchez
Position: Striker
League: CCL National

Reason for Winning Player of the Week: Max scored 3 goals in the championship game of the Hunt CountryFall Classic Tournament

How many years have you been playing soccer?: 7 years

What were your first soccer experiences?: It wasn’t so pleasant at the beginning until I joined HYS and they instilled the love of soccer on me

Who is your favorite team?:  Real Madrid

Who is your favorite player?:  Cristiano Ronaldo

Do you have siblings that play soccer soccer?: Yes, Fabrizio, 10 years old.

What are your long-term goals as a soccer player?: To become a pro. Play in Real Madrid. Be the best in every team I play for.

What is your favorite part of the game?: Scoring goals and winning.

Most memorable moment in soccer?:  When I won my first tournament with my team.

What school do you go to?:  Herndon Middle School

Favorite subject in school?: Math and PE

Favorite place to visit?: Soccer Fields

Do you play other sports?:  No, I do not play other sports.