November 1 - Player of the Week



TEAM – 2008 Boys U14 Ajax Red
COACH –  Suli Dainkeh
POSITION – Center Back

LEAGUE - CCL National

How long have you been playing soccer?:  Since I was 5 years old

What were your first soccer experiences?:  I enjoyed it and had a good time playing

Who is your favorite team?:  My favorite team is Real Madrid

Who is your favorite player?:  Karim Benzeman

What are your long-term goals as a soccer player?:  My goal is to learn from my coach and get to play at a  higher  level

Do you have any siblings that play soccer?  What are their names and ages?: I have no brother playing

What is your favorite part of the game?:  I like to score goals as a Defender

What is your most memorable moment in soccer?: My best memories are the tournaments we have won

What school do you go to?:  Parkside Middle School

What is your favorite subject in school?:  Civics

What is your favorite restaurant?:  My favorite restaurant is Cafesano

What is your favorite place to visit?: My favorite place is the beach

Do you play other sports? What do you play?: I only play soccer