Become a Referee

Herndon Youth Soccer is fortunate to have a great group of professional referees who work incredibly hard for our club. This dedicated group is made up of a diverse and very talented group of people, who give so much to the game. 

All across the country, including in our own backyard, there is a shortage of soccer referees. We urge our parents, players and volunteers to consider the great opportunity to become a certified referee. You will meet great people, join a well-respected and noble professional organization, and you will be able to give back to the game in a meaningful way. It’s also a great way to earn some additional income while being in charge of your own schedule.

Listed below are the steps to take to become a certified referee. 

STEP 1: go to

Click on Become a NEW Referee, please READ all the directions before starting, print the directions to have them handy while navigating the procedures.


STEP 2: You will register with Officials Management System (OMS), the State registration program. Must be 13 years or older to register and have parents consent if under the age of 18 years old. [Parents, do NOT use your name to register your child! If registering a child, that person is the referee! When asked, use an e-mail address that is current and will be checked for notifications and announcements.]


STEP 3: When you register, you will then choose the Online PreClinic for Entry level referees. After you select the PreClinic you will then be asked to Checkout to pay your registration and clinic fees, cost is $85.00. After you pay your fee, the Online Lesson button will appear to the right of the PreClinic name; click on the Online Lesson button to go to the Online Lessons Page (6-8 hours to complete). If under the age of 18, the referee will not be required to complete Safesport (it should already be listed as completed).


STEP 4: After completing the Online Lessons, you will be directed to Pick a Clinic for the field training session. Field training is 4 hours and once competed you will be handed a badge and eligible to referee. The updated clinic schedule includes a session in Herndon on:

  • Saturday, April 2, Arrowbrook Centre Park, 12pm-4pm

STEP 5: Ordering your referee uniform. There are several sites to order referee gear: you can go to: or These sites have reasonable cost starter kits. Yellow referee shirt, solid black shorts and two-striped black socks are the referee uniform. Starter kits may also include red/yellow card wallets, a whistle, flipping coin, flags or even a bag depending on which kit you choose to buy.


STEP 6: Get in touch with your local Assignor. The referee assignor for Herndon Youth Soccer is Sharon Deplitch. Be a proactive referee in obtaining assignments. Do not wait for the assignor to find you, go to your local club web site, find out who assigns their recreational games and contact the assignor to let them know you are ready to work. Find out how they assign games. Most assignors now use web based assigning programs like Arbiter or Game Officials. All certified assignors are listed on the State Referee Program website:


STEP7: Remember, this is a JOB and you are paid for your time. Most referees are either players, coaches or parents of players, so you should look to referee around your schedule or your parents (transportation) schedule. Referees can work as much or as little as they want, because they are in charge of their own schedule!


Any questions: Call Sharon @ 703-455-2831 or 804-849-0011