Registration Info and Forms

Download Registration Forms:

Registration for the 2015 Dulles National Soccer Tournament is ONLINE only and must be completed by August 21. Please scan the information into 3 PDFs and use the following naming format:

1. Club.TeamName.AgeGroupB/G.FORMS

(example HYS.RiverPlateRed.U10B.FORMS)
  • Team rosters with guest players written in at the bottom and absent players crossed out. REMEMBER DO NOT WRITE ON THE ORIGINAL ROSTER!
  • Weekend Contact form
  • Permission to travel forms if needed

2. Club.TeamName.AgeGroupsB/G.PLAYERS

(example HYS.RiverPlateRed.U10B.PLAYERS)
  • Player passes for all players including guest

3. Club.TeamName.AgeGroupsB/G.MEDICAL

(example HYS.RiverPlateRed.U10B.MEDICAL)
  • Completed and signed Medical Form for each player

Email the documents to and in the SUBJECT include your club, team name, age group. In the email, include the contact information to follow up with in case there are any issues with your registration packet.  Once approved, an email will be sent back as notification of your team’s completed registration.

Please contact the tournament director at with any questions.