Player Passes
Q: Which player passes (2014/15 or 2015/16) are needed for registration?
A: All roster-ed players will need 2015/2016 player cards. For guest players you have three choices on cards. First, if a guest player is newly carded for the 2015/2016 season, they must provide that card. If they do not have a 2015/2016 card, they can use their 2014/2015 card from last season as it does not technically expire until the end of August. If they do not have this, they can use a rec card from your (or their) home club.

Q: Our uniforms are late being delivered, can we use other jerseys’ and have different numbers than what is on our roster.
A: NO. Each player must use the same number on their colored and white jersey and this number MUST match the number on the roster. You can cross off the number of a player on your roster COPIES if you have to use a borrowed jersey, and write in that temporary number. Be sure to do this only on your three tourney roster copies….not you original!

Tournament Applications
Q: My team is brand new. We have no previous seasonal or tournament record. Is that OK?
A: YES… Welcome to travel soccer! We hope you enjoy our tournament. When you submit your application, indicate that your team is brand new. Mark the seasonal and tournament record sections as “N/A”. We’ll take it from there.

Q: My team is a REALLY good rec league team. We’ve gone undefeated over the last two seasons and we’re undefeated in All-Star tournaments as well. Will you accept my application?
A: Unfortunately no. The VYSA sanctioning rules prevent us from accepting teams into the tournament that are not rostered by their state’s soccer governing authority as a travel soccer team.

Q: I can’t remember our team’s record for the last two tournaments we entered. Can we submit an application without that?
A: Yes. The seasonal record and tournament record, though, help us make sure we place your team with peers at the same level of competition.

Q: My spring U-15 team will be U-16 in the fall. We’re a perennial State Cup champion playing at the very highest level. Can we request to play up in the U-17 age group?
A: The tournament committee will consider petitions from teams that can demonstrate the need to do this. This is done on a case-by-case basis based on exceptional need only. Contact the tournament director personally to see if your team’s needs can be met in this situation.

Q: OK, so it’s D-Day for tournament registrations. Are registrations closed?
A: Please feel free to submit your team’s application. Late registrations cannot be guaranteed a spot in the tournament. If your team’s age group is filled, for example, your team’s application fee will be returned. Once your team is accepted, no refunds will be provided. We will place late registrations on a waiting list. It is very possible that your team can still get in if we need to even out divisions, but again this is not guaranteed.

Q: My team’s coach will be coaching another team in the tournament. Will you make sure he can be at both team’s games?
A: MAKE SURE to tell us about coaching conflicts on the tournament application. We’ll do our very best to accommodate a coach who’s coaching two teams. While we can’t make a guarantee, we try to be very careful about this.
Medical Release Forms

Q: Do medical release forms have to be notarized?
A: NO. VYSA no longer requires this. If your team’s forms are notarized already, that’s fine. They don’t have to be redone.

Q: Can I use last year’s medical release form?
A: If the information is still accurate and the signature is still valid, yes.

Q: What if one of my players forgot to bring hers?
A: Have her parent fill out another one and sign it. Since it doesn’t have to be notarized, that’s all you need.

Q: Can I use the medical release forms we use in our league?
A: Yes. As long as the medical release form authorizes treatment in the absence of the parent/legal guardian, we’re fine with that.

Q: My guest players are from a rec league team. Do they need medical release forms as well?
A: Yes. Every player in the tournament must have a signed medical release form.
Team Rosters

Q: Why do we need three different roster copies?
A: The DNST is a pre-season tournament. You must present the original version of your team’s official, state-approved FALL roster at tournament check-in. Remember to bring three copies of this roster to registration! On your copies, not the original, list all your guest players and/or jersey number changes. One copy is for your to keep and bring to each game. One is for the Site Coordinator running your venue and one is a back up for our registrar.

Q: Why do I need to submit a roster with the application?
A: In the past, many teams have filled out the application with the SPRING age group designation. In order to prevent mistakes, we require the spring roster so we can be sure your team is placed in the correct age group/division. For new teams, state the age of your oldest player so we can make sure your application is being processed correctly.

Q: What if I don’t know who my guest players will be when I apply for the tournament?
A: When you apply for the tournament, you may not have received commitments from guest players. Your team may not have completed tryouts. Some players may decide to leave your team after you apply. That’s OK. We require the last regular season roster to be submitted along with your application.

Q: What if my state registrar hasn’t returned my official, state-approved roster by the evening of the tournament check-in?
A: You’re in trouble. Bottom line: PLAN AHEAD! Most state registrars make plans to process rosters for teams playing pre-season tournaments AHEAD of teams that are not playing in pre-season tournaments. Contact your league’s club representative to be sure you know when your team’s roster has to be submitted to the state registrar to it can be processed and returned to you in time for check-in at Tournament Headquarters.

Q: Obviously, my guest players are not on the official, state-approved roster. What do I need to do to prepare for Tournament Check-in?
A: Once you receive your official, state-approved regular-season roster back from your league’s club rep, follow these steps:
1) Make a copy of your official, state-approved league roster.
2) Mark your guest players’ information on the COPY, NOT the original.
3) Make three copies of the version that has your guest players’ names.
4) Submit those three copies to the committee at tournament check-in.

Q: One of my players wants to be a guest player on another team that he’s trying out for. We want him to play for us, too. Is that OK?
A: NO!! Each player can be presented as a player on one (and ONLY one) team in the tournament. If he’s on YOUR team’s roster, he CAN NOT be a guest player on another team in the tournament.

Q: One of my guest players is a rec league player, but she’s always been allowed to play “down” in our local rec league. Can she play “down” in the tournament?
A: NO!! Each team must play in the age group of the oldest player on the team. No exceptions will be granted.

Permission to Travel Form
Q: My team is a Maryland team, but we play in NCSL, which includes Maryland teams. Do we need to fill out”Permission to Travel Form”?
A: NO. The Permission to Travel Form is not required for Maryland teams playing in NCSL, ODSL, or WAGS.

Game Cards
Q: Is our coach responsible for signing a game card after the match has ended?
A: At the conclusion of each game, it will be the winning team’s responsibility to have the card completed and returned to the site coordinator’s table. The winning team will have the referee sign the game card to verify the score and note any cautions and/or dismissals. If the game should end in a tie, it will be both teams’ responsibility to return game cards to the site coordinator’s table. This will be the official method of recording the scores from each game played throughout the Tournament. Each winning or tying team will have one (1) hour from the end of the game to bring the completed game card to the site coordinator’s table or it will be recorded as a forfeit for that team. When a game card is returned to the site coordinator’s table, the team representative will be given a new game card.

Q: How far are the playing fields from the tournament HQ?
A: All tournament playing fields are within a 20-30 minute drive from the tournament HQ.

Q: Where can I get a discounted room rate for my team?
A: All team requiring rooms MUST use our tournament housing services. Teams that fail to do so will be disqualified.

Q: Will there be rest room facilities at each tournament venue?

Q: Will there be food and drink concessions avail at all tournament venues?
A: Most tournament venues WILL have food and drink concessions available except where it is too impractical or where it is forbidden by local authorities