Fall HYS All-Star Cup Tournament

Congratulations to all of the Herndon teams for their great soccer playing at this past weekend’s All-Star Cup in Herndon and special congratulations to our trophy winners:
U10b Herndon Black ( Coach Steve Wilkinson) Finalists in U10b Black division
U11b Herndon ( Coach Freddy Vinas) Finalists in U11b Red division
U12b Herndon Black ( Coach Victor Jovel) Champions in U12b Black division
U12b Herndon Red ( Coach Jon Mitchell) Champions in U12b Red division
U12g Herndon ( Coach Monish Banga) Champions in U12g Red division
U13b Herndon ( Coach Admir Ademovic) Champions in U12b Black division
U16b Herndon ( Coach Melody Lesane) Finalists in U16b Black division

Some great pictures of our home teams from the past All-Star Cup Tournament. For a full list of winners and finalists, see the Tournament Results page.